Holiday Greetings


Clockwise, from the upper left:

        Our Townhouse remodel – in its beginning stages

        Visiting a recovering horse at Egypt Equine Aid

        The “Traveling Ladies” in Croatia

        Stopping to pose for a picture on a shopping street in Cairo

        Grilling cheeseburgers on the deck

        Linda at Looking Glass Falls, on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Brevard, North Carolina

        Tom and Terry at the Gold Rush Days flea market in Oronoco, MN


Christmas Letter 2018

To a New Address
in Bloomington.
Send us an e-mail if you need to update your records

That fact and a substantial remodeling of the new townhouse accounts for the lack of a Christmas letter last year. We are still in good health, Terry is well and we are still traveling in our retirement.

The much delayed completion of our remodeling project meant that we only were able to spend eight weeks in Egypt last winter to the disappointment of our friends there. As always, we explored some new (to us) sights visiting the Mediterranean Coast including some of the World War II monuments in the area around El-Alamein where the Allied and Axis powers pushed each other back and forth in desert tank battles for the better part of three years.

For Linda, a good part of the year was spent planning and then taking her biennial trip with her group of “traveling ladies” to Croatia. Lying just east of Italy across the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years and it is easy to see why from Linda’s beautiful photographs. The group enjoyed a private tour lasting two weeks.

Terry lives about twenty-five miles away from us on the opposite side of the Twin Cities and manages a large fuel stop and convenience store in that area. He also stays busy trading in ephemera at two very large flea markets during the summer.

During most of our warmer days we can be found on the rear deck of our home which faces a small pond. Linda put the tally of bird varieties we have seen this year at fifty-one, most of which have found their way onto Tom’s Facebook page. Somehow he missed the coyote that trotted past our home office window just a couple of weeks ago.

Just after Thanksgiving, we found time for a whirlwind trip from the Twin Cities to Virginia taking in a number of museums from Oak Ridge, Tennessee to Salem, Virginia as Tom continued his quest for information on early computer ventures in the U.S.

We continue to sponsor a stall at the Egypt Equine Aid organization just outside of Cairo where international volunteers aid distressed donkeys and horses. We urge everyone to consider supporting this worthy organization, – Even small amounts like $10 go a long way in Egypt.
Wishing all of our friends and relatives a very healthful and happy 2018.

Overall, it was a year filled with opportunities to renew many acquaintances.


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