Holiday Greetings


Clockwise from upper right:

Goldfinch and Housefinch at our feeder

Tom and Linda at Maine Welcome Center

Linda in front of Diamond Head, Waikiki

Tom’s new desk nears completion

Tom working on his office bookshelves

Tom and Linda at the Hawaii State Capitol building





Christmas Letter 2021

Season’s Greetings from the Sawyers -  A Year In The U.S.

This year, we spent winter at home in Minnesota, with no customary twelve-week winter getaway in Egypt. Linda and her “traveling ladies” group were also grounded with their planned visit to the Baltic States delayed for an indefinite period.

Tom spent a good bit of the winter with carpentry tools, re-establishing his office with custom-built desk and bookshelves. Linda put the new facility to work producing several slideshows for family and her traveling friends. We also were able to enjoy some of the birds migrating northward through Minnesota that we usually miss.

We spent more time at the lake in northern Wisconsin working on a few projects there and using our cabin as a base to visit the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior and other scenic spots in that area.

In the fall, we also took a lengthy road trip to the East Coast adding the capitol buildings of Maine and Vermont to our photo collection. A subsequent week in Hawaii brought our total to 49 – only the Arizona capitol has eluded us now. While on the road to Maine, we spent an afternoon at the Aircraft Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The world’s largest aircraft museum, this is not to be missed. Tom recommends a week there to see it all, although Linda thought that an afternoon was quite sufficient. There are four presidential planes in one corner of the six hangers!

Crossing Pennsylvania on the turnpike, we diverted to the Flight 93 Memoria near Shanksville. The National Park Service has created a beautiful site there. The loop off the turnpike takes you onto the first coast-to-coast route U.S. 30 (once known as the Lincoln Highway) and reminds us of just how much auto travel has improved over our lifetimes. While passing through Connecticut, we were able to stop and visit see our long-time family friend, Sister Josephine, at her convent in Baltic.

In spite of the pandemic, we hosted and attended several family gatherings from last Christmas through the recent Thanksgiving. Terry’s 40th birthday was one of special note.

We are looking forward to our return to Cairo, Egypt, shortly after the first of the new year.

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