Central Catholic High School

Portland, Oregon

ARC Club



The Amateur Radio Club from Central Catholic is pictured here in this 1963 yearbook photo.

That's me, K7KTM, seated behind the Heathkit DX-40 transmitter.

I'm not sure that anyone ever actually operated the DX-40 from school during my four years there.

(UPDATE 4/5/2009:  One fascinating thing about the Internet - all mistakes are eventually found and reported to the author!  John Hefler, K7SYH, in the photo below has reported:

We actually did use the old Heath transmitter for a couple of QSO's after we strung up a dipole on the roof of CCHS on a Saturday.  I am still amazed that they let us do it.  I can't remember if it was 40 or 80m.  I think it was 40.

Funny how old memories work.  As soon as John reminded me of the trip to the roof, I could recall it clearly.  John still has his ticket.  As does John Dalrymple,(now K7JCD) located in the far right of the picture above.  Sadly, I let mine lapse many years ago and the old call sign has long since been reissued.


This photo from a year earlier shows a somewhat larger club:


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