Monuments of Cairo

Many old mosques and buildings in Cairo will contain a small plaque with a monument number.

I only recently found a convenient on-line accumulation of these monument numbers and a detailed map of the city that includes references to them.

The list can be found here at Wikipedia.  Unfortunately, while that page has a link to maps, they are presented in Arabic. In addition, the list is not sortable. I'll fix that, below.

An English language map of the northern portion of the city with references is found here. Follow that link, then click on the "Expand" icon.

An English language map of the southern portion of the city with references is found here.  Follow that link, then click on the "Expand" icon.

Below: my own list of the monuments that can be sorted by column heading. Just click your mouse, or touch the column heading.




Number Monument Name Period
307 Ayyubid wall Ayyubid
555 Bab al-'Azab Ottoman
53 Bab al-Badistan al-Ghuri Burji Mamluk
614 Bab al-Barqiya Ayyubid
6 Bab al-Futuh Fatimid
56 Bab al-Ghuri Burji Mamluk
356 Bab al-Harat al-Mabyada Ottoman
551 Bab al-Khala (al-Qarafa) Ayyubid
556 Bab al-Mudarrag Ayyubid
7 Bab al-Nasr Fatimid
47 Bab Qadi 'Askar Bahri Mamluk
278 Bab Qaytbay (al-Qarafa) Bahri Mamluk
199 Bab Zuwayla Fatimid
339 Bayt al-Sihaymi Ottoman
257 Bimaristan of al-Mu’ayyad Shaykh Burji Mamluk
483 Church of the Virgin, Harat al-Rum
482 Church of the Virgin, Harat Zuwayla
569 Cistern in the Citadel Bahri Mamluk
44 Complex of al-Nasir Muhammad Bahri Mamluk
43 Complex of Qalawun Bahri Mamluk
187 Complex of Sultan Barquq Burji Mamluk
255 Door, tomb, and sabil-kuttab of Tarabay al-Sharifi Burji Mamluk
484 Facade and door of wikala of al-Uqbi, or Khan al-Fisqiya Burji Mamluk
207 Facade and minaret of the mosque of Mughalbay Taz Burji Mamluk
491 Facade and portal of the wikala and sabil-kuttab in the 'Atfat al-Zababqi Ottoman
500 Facade of the house of al-Kashif Ottoman
469 Facade of the houses next to the sabil al-Tabtabay Ottoman
368 Facade of the houses of Munib al-Alayli and Shaykh al-Qayati Ottoman
490 Facade of the manzil and hammam al-Margush Ottoman
46 Facade of the mosque of 'Abd al-Latif al-Qarafi Ottoman
481 Facade of the mosque of al-Bulqini Bahri Mamluk
451 Facade of the mosque of al-Hifni Ottoman
217 Facade of the mosque of Gaqmaq Burji Mamluk
177 Facade of the mosque of Muqbil al-Dawudi Bahri Mamluk
424 Facade of the wikala in the waqf of al-Matyali Ottoman
54 Facade of the wikala of al-Ghuri (al-Qutn) Burji Mamluk
615 Facade of the wikala of Bedawiya Shahin Ottoman
395 Facade of the wikala of Nafisa al-Bayda Ottoman
367 Facade of the wikalat al-Kharbutli Ottoman
403 Facade of the wikalat al-Lawand Ottoman
468 Facade of the wikalat al-Tabtabay Ottoman
58 Facade of the zawiya of Fatima Umm Khawand Burji Mamluk
214 Facade of zawiya of 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda Ottoman
431 Facade of zawiyat al-Tabbakh Ottoman
487 Facades of houses in Shari' al-Dardir Ottoman
409 Facades to the south of the zawiya of Farag ibn Barquq Burji Mamluk
479 Fatimid mausoleum Fatimid
352 Fatimid wall Fatimid
330 Gate of Malika Safiya Ottoman
247 Gate of Mangak al-Yusufi Bahri Mamluk
616 Gate of the Bayt al-Qadi Muhammad Ali
325 Gate of the Darb al-Labbana Bahri Mamluk
224 Gate of the mosque of Qawsun Bahri Mamluk
28 Gateway and minaret of the mosque of al-Husayn Ayyubid
567 Hammam al-'Adawi Muhammad Ali
566 Hammam al-Effendi Ottoman
592 Hammam al-Malatyali Ottoman
596 Hammam al-Sukkariya Ottoman
564 Hammam al-Tanbali Ottoman
410 Hammam of al-Mu’ayyad Shaykh Burji Mamluk
244 Hammam of Bashtak Bahri Mamluk
562 Hammam of Inal Burji Mamluk
62 Hawd and sabil of Muhammad Bey Abu’l Dhahab Ottoman
404 Hawd of 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda Ottoman
593 Hawd of Ibrahim Agha Mustahfizan Ottoman
74 Hawd of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
222 Hawd of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
323 Hawd of Shaykhu Bahri Mamluk
251 Hawd-kuttab of Aytmish al-Bagasi Burji Mamluk
499 Hawsh of 'Utay / Wikala of Muhsin Ramadan Ottoman
439 House and qa'a in the waqf of al-'Abbar Ottoman
321 House and sabil of al-Kritliya Ottoman
452 House and sabil-kuttab of the amir 'Abdallah Ottoman
407 House facades at nos. 17, 19, and 20, Shari' al-Khiyamiya Ottoman
13 House in the waqf of al-Hatu Ottoman
488 House in the waqf of al-Magharba
541 House in the waqf of al-Mulla Ottoman
486 House in the waqf of al-Safti Ottoman
504 House in the waqf of Banush Bey Ottoman
457 House in the waqf of Ibrahim Agha Ottoman
595 House in the waqf of Ibrahim Agha Ottoman
613 House in the waqf of Ibrahim Agha Ottoman
619 House in the waqf of Ibrahim Agha Ottoman
609 House in the waqf of Mahmud al-Shabsiri Ottoman
545 House in the waqf of Mustafa Sinan eleventh century Ottoman
65 House in the waqf of Sa'id Pasha Burji Mamluk
77 House in the waqf of Zaynab Khatun Burji Mamluk & Ottoman
493 House of 'Abd al-Mu’min Shakrun Ottoman
446 House of 'Abd al-Rahman al-Harrawi Ottoman
355 House of 'Abd al-Wahid al-Fasi Ottoman
497 House of 'Ali Effendi Labib Ottoman
235 House of Ahmad Katkhuda al-Razzaz Ottoman
559 House of Amna bint Salim Ottoman
72 House of Gamal al-Din al-Dhahabi Ottoman
375 House of Hasan 'Abd al-Latif Ottoman
514 House of Khusraw Pasha Ottoman
501 House of Mahmud Sudan Ottoman
471 House of Mustafa Ga'far Ottoman
228 House of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
437 House of Shaykh Sayim Ottoman
445 House of Sitt Wasila' Ottoman
351 Khan al-Zarakisha Bahri Mamluk
458 Khan Sa'id Burji Mamluk
290 Khanqah and minaret of Qawsun Bahri Mamluk
32 Khanqah of Baybars al-Jashankir Bahri Mamluk
140 Khanqah of Nizam al-Din Bahri Mamluk
312 Khanqah of Sa'ad al-Din ibn Ghurab Burji Mamluk
152 Khanqah of Shaykhu Bahri Mamluk
175 Madrasa and sabil of al-Ashraf Barsbay Burji Mamluk
269 Madrasa of Bashir Agha al-Gumdar Bahri Mamluk
35 Madrasa of Gamal al-Din al-Ustadar Burji Mamluk
134 Madrasa of Gawhar al-Lala Burji Mamluk
186 Madrasa of Muhammad Abu’l Fadl Bahri Mamluk
242 Madrasa of Qutlubugha al-Dhahabi Bahri Mamluk
133 Madrasa of Sultan Hasan Bahri Mamluk
125 Madrasa of Umm al-Sultan Sha'ban Bahri Mamluk
96 Madrasat al-Ghanamiya Bahri Mamluk
428 Madrasat al-Kamiliya Ayyubid
400 Manzil in the waqf al-Haramayn Ottoman
495 Manzil in the waqf of Bashir Agha Ottoman
435 Manzil in the waqf of Ibrahim Effendi Shenan Ottoman
470 Manzil of 'Uthman 'Amara and Zaynab Umm Ahmad Ottoman
463 Manzil of al-Sadat al-Wafa'iya Ottoman
66 Maq'ad of al-Ghuri Burji Mamluk
51 Maq'ad of Mamay al-Sa'ifi Burji Mamluk
440 Maq'ad of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
534 Maq'ad of the Faramangui House Ottoman
334 Maq'ad of the house of al-Manawi Ottoman
38 Mausoleum and madrasa of Salih Negm al-Din Ayyub Ayyubid
3 Mausoleum and minaret of Abu’l Ghadanfar Burji Mamluk
36 Mausoleum and mosque of Tatar al-Hegaziya Bahri Mamluk
67 Mausoleum and sabil-kuttab of al-Ghuri Burji Mamluk
234 Mausoleum of Abu’l Yusufayn Bahri Mamluk
10 Mausoleum of Ahmad al-Qasid Bahri Mamluk
565 Mausoleum of Ahmad Pasha Tahir Muhammad Ali
59 Mausoleum of al-Sha'rani Burji Mamluk
289 Mausoleum of al-Sultaniya Bahri Mamluk
370 Mausoleum of Aqtay al-Farisi Bahri Mamluk
191 Mausoleum of Baybars al-Khayyat Burji Mamluk
590 Mausoleum of Husam al-Din al-Turuntay Bahri Mamluk
360 Mausoleum of Qansuh Abu Sa'id Burji Mamluk
31 Mausoleum of Qarasunqur Bahri Mamluk
291 Mausoleum of Qawsun Bahri Mamluk
170 Mausoleum of Qurqumas Burji Mamluk
476 Mausoleum of Ragab al-Shirazi Bahri Mamluk
169 Mausoleum of Shagarat al-Durr Bahri Mamluk
105 Mausoleum of Sudun al-Qasrawi Burji Mamluk
303 Mausoleum of Yakub Shah al-Mihmandar Burji Mamluk
139 Mausoleum of Yunus al-Dawadar Burji Mamluk
39 Mihrab of the mosque of Badr al-Din al-'Agami Bahri Mamluk
205 Minaret and door of the mosque of Bashtak Bahri Mamluk
426 Minaret and mosque of 'Ali al-Amri Ottoman
154 Minaret of Qanibay al-Sharkasi Burji Mamluk
156 Minaret of the mosque of al-Baqli Bahri Mamluk
159 Minaret of the mosque of al-Ghuri
317 Minaret of the mosque of Gaqmaq Burji Mamluk
237 Minaret of the zawiyat al-Hunud Bahri Mamluk
135 Mosque al-Mahmudiya Ottoman
129 Mosque and mausoleum of Ganem al-Bahlawan Burji Mamluk
180 Mosque and sabil of Muhammad Sai'd Gaqmaq Burji Mamluk
448 Mosque and sabil of Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghurayib Ottoman
40 Mosque and sabil-kuttab of Shaykh 'Ali al-Mutahhar Ottoman
184 Mosque of 'Abd al-Ghani al-Fakhri Burji Mamluk
459 Mosque of 'Ali ibn al-Arabi and house of Muhammad al-Mahruqi Ottoman
558 Mosque of 'Ayesha al-Sutuhiya Ottoman
49 Mosque of Abu Bakr ibn Muzhir Burji Mamluk
115 Mosque of Ahmad al-Mihmandar Bahri Mamluk
521 Mosque of Ahmad Bey Kohya Bahri Mamluk
220 Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun Tulunid
145 Mosque of Ahmad Katkhuda al-'Azab Ottoman
33 Mosque of al-Aqmar Fatimid
102 Mosque of al-Ayni Burji Mamluk
97 Mosque of al-Azhar Fatimid
18 Mosque of al-Bakri Bahri Mamluk
201 Mosque of al-Burdayni Ottoman
109 Mosque of al-Fakahani and Fatimid doors Fatimid
178 Mosque of al-Gamali Yusuf Burji Mamluk
462 Mosque of al-Gawhari and facade of the adjoining building Muhammad Ali
465 Mosque of al-Ghamri Burji Mamluk
148 Mosque of al-Ghuri Burji Mamluk
189 Mosque of al-Ghuri and house to the north Burji Mamluk
15 Mosque of al-Hakim Fatimid
414 Mosque of al-Khalawati Ottoman
24 Mosque of Almalik al-Gukandar Bahri Mamluk
195 Mosque of al-Mar’a (Fatima Shaqra) Burji Mamluk
120 Mosque of al-Maridani Bahri Mamluk
190 Mosque of al-Mu’ayyad Shaykh Burji Mamluk
143 Mosque of al-Nasir Muhammad Bahri Mamluk
116 Mosque of al-Salih Tala’i' Fatimid
137 Mosque of al-Sukkari Ottoman
126 Mosque of Alti Barmaq Ottoman
123 Mosque of Aqsunqur Bahri Mamluk
193 Mosque of Aqsunqur al-Fariqani al-Habashli Ottoman
185 Mosque of Asanbugha Bahri Mamluk
112 Mosque of Aslam al-Silahdar Bahri Mamluk
22 Mosque of Aydumur al-Bahlawan Bahri Mamluk
250 Mosque of Aytmish al-Bagasi Burji Mamluk
211 Mosque of Azbak al-Yusufi Burji Mamluk
25 Mosque of Bardbak Burji Mamluk
464 Mosque of Ganem al-Tagir Burji Mamluk
119 Mosque of Ganibak Burji Mamluk
210 Mosque of Hasan Pasha Tahir Muhammad Ali
118 Mosque of Inal al-Yusufi Burji Mamluk
107 Mosque of Kafur al-Zimam Burji Mamluk
248 Mosque of Khayrbak Burji Mamluk
153 Mosque of Kushqadam al-Ahmadi Bahri Mamluk & Burji Mamluk
117 Mosque of Mahmud al-Kurdi Bahri Mamluk
30 Mosque of Mahmud Muharram Ottoman
200 Mosque of Malika Safiya Ottoman
138 Mosque of Mangak al-Yusufi Bahri Mamluk
29 Mosque of Marzuq al-Ahmadi Ottoman
160 Mosque of Messih Pasha Ottoman
45 Mosque of Mithqal Bahri Mamluk
26 Mosque of Mughaltay al-Gamali Bahri Mamluk
503 Mosque of Muhammad 'Ali Muhammad Ali
98 Mosque of Muhammad Bey Abu’l Dhahab Ottoman
48 Mosque of Muhib al-Din Abu’l Tayyib Ottoman
181 Mosque of Murad Pasha Ottoman
60 Mosque of Qadi 'Abd al-Basit Burji Mamluk
176 Mosque of Qadi Sharaf al-Din Bahri Mamluk
204 Mosque of Qadi Yahya Burji Mamluk
182 Mosque of Qadi Yahya Zayn al-Din Bahri Mamluk
114 Mosque of Qagmas al-Ishaqi Burji Mamluk
151 Mosque of Qanibay al-Muhammadi Burji Mamluk
136 Mosque of Qanibay al-Sayfi (Amir Akhur) Burji Mamluk
377 Mosque of Qara Muhammad Pasha Ottoman
206 Mosque of Qaraqoga al-Hasani Burji Mamluk
223 Mosque of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
480 Mosque of Sa'id al-Su'ada
221 Mosque of Salar and Sangar Bahri Mamluk
218 Mosque of Sarghatmish Bahri Mamluk
378 Mosque of Sayyida 'Ayesha Ottoman
147 Mosque of Shaykhu Bahri Mamluk
127 Mosque of Sudun Min Zada Burji Mamluk
382 Mosque of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar Muhammad Ali
142 Mosque of Sulayman Pasha Ottoman
42 Mosque of Taghribardi Burji Mamluk
209 Mosque of Taghribardi Burji Mamluk
233 Mosque of the amir Husayn Bahri Mamluk
131 Mosque of Ulgay al-Yusufi Bahri Mamluk
130 Mosque of Ulmas Bahri Mamluk
485 Mosque of Yahya ibn 'Aqab Ottoman
196 Mosque of Yusuf Agha al-Hin Ottoman
288 North minaret of al-Sultaniya Bahri Mamluk
20 Palace al-Musafirkhana Ottoman
249 Palace of Alnaq al-Nasiri Bahri Mamluk
34 Palace of Bashtak Bahri Mamluk
208 Palace of Radwan Bey Ottoman
267 Palace of the Amir Taz Bahri Mamluk
266 Palace of Yashbak Bahri Mamluk
443 Parts of the house of Gawhar Agha Ottoman
63 Qa'a and maq'ad in the waqf al-Sha'rani Ottoman
466 Qa'a of al-Dardir Ayyubid
50 Qa'a of Muhib al-Din al-Muwaqqi Bahri Mamluk
408 Qasaba of Radwan Bey (eastern side, including the facade onto Midan Bab Zuwayla) Ottoman
406 Qasaba of Radwan Bey (western side, including the facade onto Midan Bab Zuwayla) Ottoman
128 Qubba of al-Qimari Bahri Mamluk
215 Qubba of Awlad al-Asyad Bahri Mamluk
413 Qubba of Shaykh 'Abdallah Ottoman
510 Qubba of Shaykh Su'ud Ottoman
256 Qubbat al-Komi Burji Mamluk
261 Qubbat al-Muzaffar 'Alam al-Din Sangar Bahri Mamluk
518 Rab' of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
37 Remains of the madrasa of al-Zahir Baybars Bahri Mamluk
202 Remains of the mosque of Qawsun Bahri Mamluk
322 Remains of the palace of al-Ghuri Burji Mamluk
549 Remains of the palace of al-Nasir Muhammad Bahri Mamluk
336 Remains of the palace of Muhammad ibn Souwaydan Ottoman
287 Remains of the rab' of Tughugh Bahri Mamluk
245 Ribat of Ahmad ibn Sulayman Bahri Mamluk
141 Ribat of al-Zayni Burji Mamluk
61 Ribat of the wife of Sultan Inal Burji Mamluk
366 Sabat in the waqf of al-Fakahani Ottoman
260 Sabil and hawd of 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda Ottoman
361 Sabil and house of Hasan (Sabil Darb al-Masmat) Ottoman
489 Sabil and houses in Shari' al-Ghamri Ottoman
240 Sabil and tomb of 'Umar Agha Ottoman
591 Sabil and wikala of Udah Basha Ottoman
496 Sabil and wikalat al-Manawi Ottoman
198 Sabil in the waqf of Hebaysh Ottoman
311 Sabil in the waqf of Kulsun Ottoman
262 Sabil in the waqf of Yusuf Bey Ottoman
27 Sabil of al-Bazdar Ottoman
561 Sabil of al-Nasir Muhammad Bahri Mamluk
557 Sabil of al-Wafa'iya Burji Mamluk
420 Sabil of Hasan Agha Arzingan Muhammad Ali
238 Sabil of Ibrahim Agha Mustahfizan Ottoman
363 Sabil of Ibrahim Shurbagi Mustahfizan Ottoman
507 Sabil of Kosa Sinan Ottoman
232 Sabil of Mustafa Musali Shurbagi Ottoman
246 Sabil of Mustafa Sinan Ottoman
429 Sabil of Salim Agha Ottoman
144 Sabil of Shaykhu Bahri Mamluk
376 Sabil of the amir Khalil Ottoman
213 Sabil of Yusuf al-Kurdi
219 Sabil of Yusuf Bey Ottoman
421 Sabil, hawd, and manzil of Kur 'Abdallah Ottoman
436 Sabil, mosque, and tomb of Shaykh Ramadan Ottoman
272 Sabil, zawiya, and wikala of Mustafa Bey Tabtabay Ottoman
265 Sabil-kuttab and rab' of al-Qizlar Ottoman
335 Sabil-kuttab of 'Abbas Agha Ottoman
194 Sabil-kuttab of 'Abd al-Baqi Khayr al-Din Ottoman
21 Sabil-kuttab of 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda Ottoman
268 Sabil-kuttab of 'Ali Agha Dar al-Sa'ada Ottoman
197 Sabil-kuttab of 'Ali Bey al-Dumiati Ottoman
506 Sabil-kuttab of 'Ayesha al-Sutuhiya Ottoman
226 Sabil-kuttab of 'Umar Bey Ottoman
447 Sabil-kuttab of 'Uthman 'Abdallah Roq'et al-Qamh Ottoman
73 Sabil-kuttab of Abu’l Iqbal 'Arifin Bey Ottoman
461 Sabil-kuttab of Ahmad Effendi Salim Ottoman
179 Sabil-kuttab of al-Kirdani Ottoman
23 Sabil-kuttab of al-Sayyid 'Ali ibn Hayz' Ottoman
309 Sabil-kuttab of Bashir Agha Dar Sa'ada Ottoman
243 Sabil-kuttab of Hasan Agha Koklian Ottoman
405 Sabil-kuttab of Hasan Katkhuda Ottoman
588 Sabil-kuttab of Husayn al-Shu’aybi Ottoman
331 Sabil-kuttab of Ibrahim Katkhuda Mustahfizan Ottoman
57 Sabil-kuttab of Isma'il ibn Ahmad (al-Maghlawi / al-Manawi) Ottoman
402 Sabil-kuttab of Isma'il Pasha Muhammad Ali
71 Sabil-kuttab of Khalil Effendi al-Muqati’gui Ottoman
52 Sabil-kuttab of Khusraw Pasha Ottoman
150 Sabil-kuttab of Muhammad Katkhuda Mustahfizan Ottoman
329 Sabil-kuttab of Muhammad Mustafa al-Muhasibgi Ottoman
553 Sabil-kuttab of Mustafa Shurbagi Mustahfizan Ottoman
358 Sabil-kuttab of Nafisa al-Bayda Ottoman
76 Sabil-kuttab of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
324 Sabil-kuttab of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
16 Sabil-kuttab of Qitas Bey Ottoman
337 Sabil-kuttab of Ruqayya Dudu Ottoman
328 Sabil-kuttab of Shahin Agha Ahmad Ottoman
70 Sabil-kuttab of Sulayman Bey al-Kharbutli Ottoman
167 Sabil-kuttab of Sulayman Gawish Ottoman
236 Sabil-kuttab of Taha Hasan al-Wardani Ottoman
14 Sabil-kuttab of the amir Muhammad Ottoman
401 Sabil-kuttab of Tusun Pasha Muhammad Ali
17 Sabil-kuttab of Udah Basha Ottoman
230 Sabil-kuttab of Yusuf Agha Dar al-Sa'ada Ottoman
69 Sabil-kuttab of Zayn al-Abidin Ottoman
498 Sabil-rab' al-Balfiya Ottoman
308 Takiya and sabil-kuttab of Sultan Mahmud Ottoman
326 Takiya of Taqi al-Din al-Bistami Burji Mamluk
332 Takiyat al-Gulshani Ottoman
225 Takiyat al-Sulaymaniya Ottoman
605 The Archives Building Muhammad Ali
505 The Gawhara Palace Muhammad Ali
612 The Harim Palace Muhammad Ali
606 The Mint Muhammad Ali
552 Tiles in the mosque of al-Khudayri Ottoman
277 Tomb of 'Ali al-Gizi Bahri Mamluk
359 Tomb of 'Ali Negm Ottoman
357 Tomb of al-Shurafa Burji Mamluk
113 Tomb of Azdumur Burji Mamluk
263 Tomb of Hasan Sadaqa Bahri Mamluk
586 Tomb of Ibrahim Khalifa Guindian Ottoman
68 Tomb of Muhammad al-Anwar Ottoman
270 Tomb of Safi al-Din Gawhar Bahri Mamluk
327 Tomb of Sandal al-Mangaki Bahri Mamluk
417 Tomb of Sangar al-Gamaqdar Bahri Mamluk
41 Tomb of Shaykh Sinan Ottoman
229 Tomb of Yusuf Agha al-Habashi Ottoman
550 Two street roofings behind the mosque of al-Ghuri Burji Mamluk
478 Two tombs in the zawiyat al-Sutuhi Bahri Mamluk
617 Wall of the Qaramidan Bahri Mamluk
369 Waterwheel Bahri Mamluk
305 Well of Salah al-Din (Bir Yusuf) Ayyubid
433 Wikala and sabil in the waqf al-Haramayn Ottoman
396 Wikala and sabil of 'Abbas Agha Ottoman
397 Wikala and sabil of al-Naqadi Ottoman
411 Wikala and sabil-kuttab of Gamal al-Din al-Dhahabi Ottoman
598 Wikala in the waqf al-Haramayn Ottoman
548 Wikala in the waqf al-Tutungi eleventh century Ottoman
434 Wikala of Abu’l Rus Ottoman
19 Wikala of Dhulfiqar (Udah Basha) Ottoman
11 Wikala of Qawsun Bahri Mamluk
9 Wikala of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
75 Wikala of Qaytbay Burji Mamluk
453 Wikala of Shaykh 'Abud al-Mana'ifa Ottoman
604 Wikala of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar Muhammad Ali
188 Wikala of Taghribardi Burji Mamluk
399 Wikalat al-Firakh Bahri Mamluk
425 Wikalat al-Gallaba Ottoman
64 Wikalat al-Ghuri Burji Mamluk
597 Wikalat al-Muhammadayn Ottoman
422 Wikalat al-Nasharin Ottoman
423 Wikalat al-Sanadqiya Ottoman
460 Wikalat al-Sharaybi twelfth century Ottoman
398 Wikalat Bazar’a Ottoman
203 Zawiya and sabil of Farag ibn Barquq Burji Mamluk
374 Zawiya and sabil-kuttab of Shaykh Murshid Ottoman
477 Zawiya of Abu’l Khayr al-Kulaybati Fatimid
103 Zawiya of Ahmad ibn Sha’ban
192 Zawiya of Fayruz Burji Mamluk
554 Zawiya of Gaf'ar al-Sadiq Ottoman
173 Zawiya of Gulaq Burji Mamluk
258 Zawiya of Hasan al-Rumi Ottoman
241 Zawiya of Muhammad Durgham
155 Zawiya of Mustafa Pasha Ottoman
365 Zawiya of Radwan Bey Ottoman
502 Zawiya of Sidi Muhammad al-Sha’rani Ottoman
371 Zawiya of Udah Basha Ottoman
146 Zawiyat al-'Abbar Bahri Mamluk
353 Zawiyat al-Arbain Muhammad Ali