Holiday Greetings


Clockwise from upper left:

Linda & Tom in Havana, Cuba (Capitol dome in background).

Linda & Tom Prepare to tour Old Havana in í57 Imperial.

A nice buck visits our backyard. His lady friend is nearby.

Tom and our friend, Roshdy, at Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Linda by an Icelandic Viking in Gimli, Manitoba

Linda & Tom at the fork in the road, Franklin, Kentucky.

Tomato harvest from our townhouse garden



Christmas Letter 2023

Seasonís Greetings from the Sawyers


In January, we returned to Egypt for our usual twelve week break from winter. We left Minnesota shortly after a foot of snow fell on the Twin Cities and after about thirty hours and two airplane changes in Amsterdam and Rome, we arrived in Cairo where temperatures are typically in the mid-60s during January. Along with our usual supplies, Tom brought a full-size video screen in his suitcase for his laptop computer.

We visited a couple of new (to us) museums in Cairo but are still waiting for the much-anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum to finally open. Our major outing for the year was a 450-mile trip to the Oasis village of Siwa near the Libyan border. Siwa is know from history for its visits by Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and World War II desert warfare.

Shortly after our return to the U.S. in April, we departed for a week in Havana, Cuba, where a fledgling tourism industry hosts many Europeans but only a few Americans. We stayed at a wonderful B&B and saw a wide range of attractions, the Earnest Hemingway home/museum being a highlight.

Summertime took us on a driving trip to Winnipeg for a week exploring the Canadian prairie and towns, culminating in a visit to the International Peace Garden on the North Dakota/Manitoba border.

During the fall-color season, we took another road trip south to Knoxville, Tennessee, to visit our niece. Stops at Oak Ridge, Paducah Kentucky and the General Patton Museum at Fort Knox along the way were interesting.
As always, we enjoy time on the deck behind our townhouse watching the waterfowl on the pond and occasional wildlife visiting the shoreline.

Opportunities to spend time with Terry, Amy and Akirah were much appreciated especially when Terry helped Tom out with some repair projects over the summer.

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