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This site is constantly being updated as I discover new information about the Datatron and the people who built it.  I thought the best way to keep visitors informed about new information would be to simply maintain a log of all changes to the site.  That is what follows on this page.  There is a major gap between December of 2010 and October of 2013.  See this post on my B205 blog for an explanation.

The information on this page is sorted from newest to oldest so you can always come here, glance at the top of the change list  and see if there is something new of interest to you.

My Burroughs 205 Blog includes anecdotes and notes about B205 sites, programmers and experiences.  These come from you!  Feel free to add comments to the blog posts or send me an e-mail about your experiences!  See the very top of this or any other page on the site for links to the blog or to find my e-mail address.


Change Log